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Malaysia 3d modeling and rendering services

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Hello there. Are you a property developer looking for 3D rendering services for your project? If you are, you've come to the right place.

First, ask yourself where do you want to use the 3D Renderings/Perspectives? If it's for brochures, buntings, banners, or even websites, you need to get static image renderings. There are local and overseas studios doing this, or you may contact us at Southpaw. This is a more traditional approach. Typically, these static renderings are charged based on the number of images. Prices may vary from RM800 - RM3000 per image, depending on the service provider.

However, you've undoubtedly seen those 360 virtual tours whereby property buyers can view the interior virtually as if they are in the unit itself. They can turn any angle and see the interior as if it is a real 3D scene. Furthermore, they can "jump" around and see each section of the property. It's as if they are there. These kinds of virtual tours are more interactive, and your sales representatives can be shared digitally as well to reach a wider audience before they even physically visit your show gallery.

For 360 Virtual tours, you will need a different kind of rendering. The resulting output "image" is different from those you use in brochures/banners. Moreover, you will need some sort of software to make the whole thing interactive, preferably even with a 2D floorplan with clear markings to enable property buyers to navigate easily. Southpaw can do this for you, and besides that, it's inclusive of a 2-year standard cloud hosting. Once we've done your 360 virtual show units, we'll host them for you so that you can immediately use them in your marketing campaigns. View a sample 360 tour here.

Beyond that, if you are thinking of "upgrading" your physical show gallery experience, Southpaw has digital solutions for that as well. It is called Omnishow, and you can think of it as a 24/7 sales rep for your physical showroom. Running on a large touchscreen, potential buyers can learn everything they want about your projects. It's akin to a scale model + sales chart + interactive brochure + more in one. This touchscreen can be re-used if you were to launch a new project. Read more about Omnishow here. We hope this article helps you in engaging 3d modeling services for your projects. These digital solutions serve as a bridge to make your projects' value propositions highlighted to your potential buyers in an interactive and fun way.


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