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3 Types of Interactive Digital Signage Solutions in Malaysia | Southpaw Sdn Bhd

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Digital signages are pretty self-explanatory; they are screens that are used as signages to promote stuff. These signages are usually meant for the public or visitors to see. However, digital signages are mostly a one-way affair; Visitors can only see what's on the screen, but they can't interact with it.

When "Interactive" is added to the mix, it opens up tremendous possibilities to Digital signages. The most common and widely accepted form of interaction is transforming it into "Touch Digital Signage." Basically, users can now touch the screens to do a plethora of things. They can get to know more about a specific product, browse through engaging content, search for items or places, and much more. This article will introduce the three main types of interactive signages based on Southpaw Sdn Bhd's more than 12 years of experience in this industry.

1. Kiosks or Portable Touch Screens

The first type of interactive digital signage is Kiosks. They are also called display standees or portable touch screens. They come in various forms, but generally, it consists of a touchscreen embedded in a kiosk or enclosure that serves as a "stand" and protects the screen. These Kiosks usually are movable should owners want to change the location.

Benefits :

- Various shapes, sizes and orientations (portrait,landscape).

- Generally portable. Can fit to most spaces.

- Relatively inexpensive

Suitable for / Use case :

- Shopping Mall Directories

- Events, exhibitions to draw crowd or promote product

- Property show galleries

- Car showrooms

- Museums and Art Galleries

- Office Tower Lobby or hotel lobby

- Public spaces (Tourist information centers, airports, tourist spots)

4k Touchscreen Kiosk at Imazium
imazium touchscreen kiosk

Examples of Touchscreen Kiosks / Interactive Digital Signages by Southpaw

2. Interactive Wall / Multitouch Video Wall

The next type of Interactive Digital Signage is an Interactive Wall. These screens are generally large and mounted on a wall or custom-made frames. They can be single screen walls, projection walls, or even video walls. Video Walls are a series of screens arranged in a grid to form a single large screen. They are significant, impactful, and have a wow factor. As for the "touch screen" overlay, the size is often custom to the total screen size and built to order.

Benefits :

- Impressive, strong brand presence, Wow factor

- Can showcase high definition content, in a custom aspect ratio if needed

- A single large interactive wall can be used by multiple users simultaneously.

Suitable for / Use case :

- Property show galleries. High impact, can replace scale models

- Corporate Headquarters. Project strong brand image, showcase products or corporate history timeline.

- Museums and Art Galleries. Show high definition content, can be shown in carousel gallery style.

Amway Hall of Fame example

110" Multitouch Interactive Videowall for Property Showroom
110" Multitouch Interactive Videowall for Property Showroom

3. Touch Screen with Sensors (Barcode,RFID,etc..)

The third type of Interactive Displays are also touch screens but integrated with additional sensors. These sensors or readers make it more convenient for users to engage with the touchscreen. Instead of browsing through a long list to find the product information, users can pick up the product from the shelf and "scan" it on the reader. The relevant product information will pop up instantly on the touchscreen.

Example 1 (Scan and Learn). Scan product barcode and product info (Video guide, brochure, etc) will be displayed for user to interact with.

Barcode scan and learn deployed for Eucerin (Watsons signature outlet)

The scan and learn solution increased our brand presence, and helps us educate new customers on our new product range. - Eucerin Malaysia

Example 2 (Place and Learn). Just place a product on the "platform", and relevant product information will appear.

RFID Place and Learn used for Skincare/Healthcare product promotions

Our sales reps and brand ambassadors young and old find it really easy and intuitive to use! - RL Malaysia

Benefits :

- Unique call to action

- Easy for users to learn more about a specific product on the retail shelves.

- Can reduce the need for promoters at retail shops

Suitable for / Use case :

- Cosmetic and beauty products

- Health products

- Retail outlets

- Shoes or footwear products


All the abovementioned interactive digital signages will be useless unless there's accompanying software. The software is what the users see and touch.

At Southpaw, we firmly believe that there can't be a single software that fits all use cases. To attract users, the User Interface and User Experience have to be great. If the content looks like a standard template, or something designed back in the 1990s, users will quickly be turned off and walk away. We have a team of in-house designers, developers, and software architects to craft the software to suit our clients' needs. It can be a 3D Presentation Tool for a Property Developer, a car configurator app, a mall directory, a corporate presentation app, or anything else you can think of. If you wish to know more, contact us for a free consultation.


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