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End-to-end Multi Touch Video Wall Solutions | Southpaw

If you are looking for a Video Wall with touch capabilities, we have the complete package to ensure that you have the best and most optimized solution possible. Multi Touch Video Wall is a high-impact digital solution that can be installed in various places such as Corporate Offices, Museums, Property Show Galleries, and even Malls.

This is a list of all the vital components needed to set up an Interactive Video Wall.

  • Video Wall Displays

  • Touch screen Overlay ( Multi touch capable)

  • Supporting bracket mounts and structure

  • Video Wall and Touchscreen Controller

  • Custom Software and Content Development (Fit to Video Wall)

1 by 3 Multi touch Video Wall by Southpaw

Video Wall Displays

A video wall gives you the flexibility of the aspect ratio and the total size you wish to achieve. Standard video wall sizes are 46", 49", and 55". They are arranged in a grid to reach the total length and width required. For example, four units of 55" video wall set in a two by two grid gives you a total diagonal size of 110 inches.

Southpaw has been the trusted solutions delivery partner for numerous projects over the years. We have also installed the largest Multi touch Video Walls in Malaysia.

Various Configuration Options of Video Walls

Touch Screen Overlay

Once the video wall configuration is finalized, a multi-touch overlay is required to enable touch functionality. Southpaw has the capability of customizing and installing multi touch overlays for Video Walls. These overlays are ordered to size, and they are also capable of multitouch; Meaning, more than one user can potentially use the Interactive Video Wall at any one time.

Southpaws' IR overlays are proven to be stable, accurate, and reliable. Each video wall overlay is customized due to the differing sizes, so feel free to contact us for a consultation.

Supporting Brackets and Structure

Installing video walls require brackets and proper structure. These should be left to the experts as it is crucial to ensure your video wall will look great and perfectly aligned. Southpaw has a range of partners and solutions available. We have pop-out video wall mounts to make servicing and maintenance easy.

BT8310 Pop out videowall mount

Controller for Video Wall Touch Screen

A videowall controller will be required to achieve the best output in terms of graphics clarity and software smoothness. If your video wall is large, an appropriate controller will be needed to ensure the video wall achieves the best output possible. At Southpaw, we have configured and supplied custom controllers for our clients that are long-lasting and trouble-free. Southpaw has installed controller configurations that can output up to 100 million pixels.

Custom Software and Content Development

Depending on what you want to use the video wall for, you will require suitable software. Whether you want a Wall of Fame, Product Showcase Gallery, Property Development Showcase, or a Historical Timeline, we at Southpaw can help you design and develop it according to your needs. We have an in-house team of UI/UX architects and software developers that can make magic happen. This is arguably is the most important part of the solution, as, without it, a Video Wall Touch Screen is just a fancy piece of equipment.

Over the years, Southpaw has successfully designed and developed software for clients in industries such as Property Development, Museums, Universities, Corporate Headquarters, and Art Galleries. Besides Malaysia, we have clients in other countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, and China. Feel free to contact us to design the best video wall software for your organization. We would like to hear from you.

Corporate Office Hall of Fame Application by Southpaw
Custom software for multi touch video walls


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