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PropTech for Malaysia Property Developers

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

PropTech is a general term used to describe the use of technology in real estate. It is a broad based term, similar to "FinTech" (finance + technology) and AgriTech. PropTech is an approach whereby technology or digital solutions is employed to optimize the way people research, rent, buy, sell or manage a property.

Purchasing a property is probably one of the biggest financial purchases a person makes in their lifetime. It is a huge decision for the buyer, and buyers are getting more educated in their decision making process. Hence, it is important for Property Developers to focus on using PropTech to highlight the USP of their projects in order to entice buyers to sign on the dotted line.

In this article, I will introduce two such solutions by Southpaw that can help drive in sales, engage buyers, and create an immersive experience before and after they step into your Show Gallery.

PropTech in Property Sales & Marketing

1. Online Sales Gallery ( All your project information available in one link, where you can share through whatsapp, facebook, online, etc)

Each project has its own unique selling points. We at Southpaw can provide you with an online sales kit that encapsulates all your selling propositions. It can include the project concept, artist impression galleries, location, nearby landmarks, facilities, 360 virtual tour and more. With this digital sales kit link, you can spread the word out through social media, whatsapp, or even embedded into your corporate website. Use this tool to capture the interest of buyers or just to invite them to your Show Gallery / contact your sales representatives.

Online sales kit

2. Omnishow - 3D Realtime Presentation Suite

Have you heard of the term Digital Twin? Instead of a physical scale model of your project, a digital twin is the digital replica. It is typically shown on a large format touch display or even on an iPad. A digital twin can do more than a static scale model; Customers can touch and rotate your project any angle they want, view a live compass to show the orientation as they turn, and they can even manipulate the "Sun" to show the sunlight direction. More than that, they can view your Projects' unit availability chart directly on the digital twin building.

Southpaw's Omnishow solution can do all the above, and it's a perfect solution to have in your Show Gallery. It can be deployed on large touch displays ranging from 50" to over 100" in size. Furthermore, it can also be configured to run on iPads for your sales representatives to carry around.

Show Gallery Digital Twin Display
iPad presentation tool

I hope this article gives you some guide on how to employ PropTech solutions in your sales & marketing efforts. If you wish to know more, give us a call or drop us a message for a free consultation. Thank you.

Disclaimer : This article is meant to be informative and contains promotional information about solutions developed by Southpaw Sdn Bhd. PropTech Malaysia is a generic collective term to describe technology solutions in the property lifecycle.


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